Choose the right level of functionality and services to accelerate your AI training.


For individual developers, researchers, linguists and data annotators.
Ideal for testing and exploring the core features of the platform.

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M47.AI baseline features:

  • One user

  • Unlimited Datasets and Tagsets

  • Unlimited volumes

  • Fully featured data annotation UI

  • ML-assisted labeling

  • Support for 12 different types of Text Annotation Projects

  • Access to ML-assisted pre-annotation features


For Teams that are scaling up their Machine Learning development and have a need for efficiency and growth on their training data requirements.

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Get all the Free features plus:

  • Unlimited users

  • PM, QA and Reviewer roles

  • Project Management features

  • Quality Management features

  • Custom set of Text Annotation Project

  • Types

  • Managed labeling workforce (internal or external)

  • Customer Support


For Companies developing multiple AI projects with the need of a fully featured data training platform that can be customized and plugged into their existing MLOps flows.

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Get all the Team features plus:

  • Access to custom build APIs for project creation and export

  • Custom build ML-assisted labeling algorithms

  • Premium support

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