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High-Quality Data Annotation Services

When it comes to data annotation, you need a partner that you can trust to get the job done right. That's why more and more companies are turning to M47AI for their data annotation needs.

We understand data annotation both from the technical perspective and its challenges and also from the services side, managing and building large teams with a unique set of skills for each project type.

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Which Languages Do We Cover?

English | Spanish | German | French | Italian | Catalan | Arabic | Dutch | Swedish | Finnish | Danish | Norwegian | Turkish | Portuguese | Others

If you are looking to annotate data in any other language, please get in touch with us as we build from the scratch custom teams of experts for any specific topic and language pair.

Tell us about your annotation challenge: domain expertise, industry, volume, language and deadlines. We enjoy creating innovative and customized annotation solutions for our partners.

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Why M47AI? We speak AI!

We combine an international team of human-in-the-loop annotators with a diverse background and domain specific knowledge with our Machine Learning R&D Team that helps developing tools and frameworks that improve the data annotation workflow, reducing manual annotation and increasing data quality and Model accuracy.

M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform

Our skilled team of AI annotators, curators and content creators are experts in a vast range of domains and can help annotate any type of text, from linguistics, translation and general knowledge to tech, healthcare, journalism and other specializations. We cover English, all European languages, Arabic and also some minority languages that need some AI love.

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Data Annotation Services

Our team of experts are highly skilled in tagging data, be it text, audio, images or video. We will work with you to ensure that your data is properly formatted and labeled so that you can get the most out of it. With our technical team and our state-of-the-art Machine Learning Models you'll be able to reduce your manual labeling costs while increasing the quality of your training data.


Generate custom training data for your AI use case from any document.

NER | Q&A | POS | Entity Linking | Text Classification | STS | Text Summarization


Collect, review and annotate Audio data in any language and format.

STT Transcription | Classification | Descriptive Annotation | NLU | Speech labeling


Create reliable computer vision models with accurate image labeling.

Image Classification | Object Recognition | Semantic Segmentation | Polygon | 3D Cuboids


Improve the accuracy of automatic video recognition through video annotation.

Landmark Annotation | Polyline | Semantic Segmentation | Polygon | 3D Cuboids | 2D Bouding box

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Do you need help deciding how much data do you need to collect or annotate? Need help running experiments to choose your labels? Need advice on your training data pipeline?

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