High-Quality International Data Annotation Services

We offer custom built annotation solutions for every client’s need and work hand in hand throughout the whole process so data, annotators and client form a tight knit feedback loop where everyone is in-sync.

All text annotation tasks are performed by native speakers with linguistic background and/or subject matter expertise who are paid and treated fairly.

Our Quality Culture goes beyond our deliveries and extends to how we engage, communicate and work with our employees, freelancers and clients.

Which Languages Do We Cover?

English | Spanish | German | French | Italian | Catalan | Arabic | Dutch | Swedish | Finnish | Danish | Norwegian | Turkish | Portuguese | Others

If you are looking to annotate data in any other language, please get in touch with us as we build from the scratch custom teams of experts for any specific topic and language pair.

Tell us about your annotation challenge: domain expertise, industry, volume, language and deadlines. We enjoy creating innovative and customized annotation solutions for our partners.

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