High-Quality International Data Annotation Services

High-Quality International Data Annotation Services

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We offer custom built annotation solutions for every client’s need and work hand in hand throughout the whole process so data, annotators and client form a tight knit feedback loop where everyone is in-sync.

All text annotation tasks are performed by native speakers with linguistic background and/or subject matter expertise who are paid and treated fairly. Our Quality Culture goes beyond our deliveries and extends to how we engage, communicate and work with our employees, freelancers and clients

What we do?



Named Entity Recognition NER










Which Languages
Do We Cover?

English | Spanish | German | French | Italian | Catalan | Arabic | Dutch | Swedish | Finnish | Danish | Norwegian | Turkish | Portuguese | Others

If you are looking to annotate data in any other language, please get in touch with us as we build from the scratch custom teams of experts for any specific topic and language pair.

Data culture

For us annotation is a science that goes beyond creating quality training data for Machine Learning models and involves taking a holistic approach to data: from choosing the best dataset to annotate with the right subject matter expert in-the-loop to building custom software interfaces for annotation tasks that maximize the human-computer interactions in order to create best in class training data and accuracy.

This is for you

  • You care about the job well done, getting high-quality training data, puntual deliveries and a tight knit feedback loop between your team, the data and our annotators.
  • You value data in languages other than english and are looking for native and qualified annotation specialists for your project: you name the topic, we have it.
  • You don’t want to throw work over the fence and prefer to go hand in hand with a team that will provide a customized service that will be build right for your needs.
  • You have large complex projects that require being able to scale up and down and would benefit from a custom set of tools to improve visibility, reporting, quality and performance of annotation tasks.
  • You want someone who listens and cares about your project and are looking for a long term partnership to give you peace of mind with your ever-growing data annotation needs.

This is not for you

  • You are looking for the cheapest annotation services you can get and quality is not within your priorities.
  • You don’t think subject matter expertise and Linguistic proficiency are important for your annotated data.
  • You don’t care about the nuances of international languages and the importance to get a proper and diverse sampling of annotation for your ML project.




How it works?
  • You provide the data to annotate in your preferred file format and the guidelines and we together define the sprint deliveries.
  • We will provide you with early access to samples of your annotated data so you can review and make sure the quality of the work is as expected.
  • Our network of annotators use our internal data annotation platform that let us track, report and review all completed tasks.
  • Annotated data is provided in your preferred file format.
How much does it cost?
  • We believe one price doesn’t fit all projects so we have a range of prices based on the topic to annotate (from medical to legal, going through Fintech, Tech, Marketing and so on).
  • Let us know the type of annotation task, the amount of tasks and the topic and we’ll provide an estimation quickly.
  • If you are looking for 2$/hour projects, this is probably not your place. We work with top notch native data annotators from all over the world and pay them fairly based on their expertise and language proficiency.
Do you have an annotation platform?
  • Yes, we have an internal annotation tool that helps our annotators speed up their performance and provides QA, review features and user management, all while being securely stored in a private environment.
  • We are working on providing access to our clients so that they can check the status of their projects and annotations in real time and can manage their projects automatically with just a handful of clicks. Available soon!
Are your annotators native in the languages you offer?
  • Yes, all our annotators are native in the language requested to perform the tasks.
  • All our annotators have previous experience in data annotation, have a degree in linguistics/translation and/or are subject matter experts.
Which quality control processes do you apply?
  • We have several quality control methodologies but implement the one that’s right for your project: comparing annotation to ground-truth answers when possible, annotator agreement with ground-truth data, inter-annotator agreement, dataset-level agreements with Krippendorff’s alpha, individual-annotator agreement, per-label and per-demographic agreement, aggregating multiple annotations to create training data, annotator-reported confidences, quality control by expert review…
  • We can also build a custom set of quality rules that are specific for your project.
How do you deliver the final data?
  • Just let us know your preferred file format and we’ll take care of the parsing (xml, json, excel, csv, txt, tsv, conllu, .ann, others).

We enjoy creating innovative and customized solutions for our partners


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