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M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform

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Annotate at full steam

Manage your workforce and data labeling projects efficiently

Natural Language Processing
Workforce Management
Intelligent Automation
Project Management
Data Quality
M47AI AI Data Annotation PlatformM47AI AI Data Annotation Platform M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform
M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform

Speed up your labeling operations
with our Data Annotation Platform

Reduce the time and cost spent in labeling data manually and overseeing your annotation workforce

M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform


Generate high-quality training data at scale with our fully integrated solution.

M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform


Track progress, performance and key indicators of large annotation projects and teams.

M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform


Reduce time and cost with Intelligent Automation and ML features.

Text as a key to human communication

Natural Language Processing

Dozens of supported NLP annotation projects that match every enterprise use case. Large international language support for worldwide coverage and UX/UI flows designed with the end user in mind because annotators and project managers don’t need to be techies.

Unleash the power of your workforce

Workforce Management

Monitor annotator’s performance, stats, individual skillsets, scoreboards and cost metrics. Collaborate with large teams for a more productive effort. Let your team annotate, review, comment and quantify consensus and progress.

Less is more

Intelligent Automation

Reduce manual annotation time throughout ML-assisted and weak supervision labeling. Bring your own ML models to speed up pre-annotation and increase your training datasets with data augmentation techniques.

Feel like you are in the driving seat

Project Management

Keep everything under control while tracking, at any time, the project tasks, ongoing reviews, performance dashboards, file versioning, security and much more. Visualize and monitor progress to keep things rolling forward.

Quality Does Matter

Data Quality

Optimize your training datasets with our Quality features: consensus metrics, error detection, label distribution, bias and outliers identification. Organize and visualize your training data in one single place.

Tired of labeling data yourself?

High-Quality Data Annotation Services

M47AI AI Data Annotation Platform

Our skilled team of annotators, curators and content creators are experts in a vast range of domains and can help annotate any type of text, from linguistics, translation and general knowledge to tech, healthcare, journalism and other specializations. We cover English, all European languages, Arabic and also some minority languages that need some AI love.

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Artificial Intelligent Use Cases

Multiple supported text and audio annotation project types that cover the creation of Training Data for the most relevant AI/NLP Use Cases


Chatbots have numerous applications in different industries as they facilitate conversations with customers and automate various rule-based tasks.


Conversational AI is at the heart of virtual assistants and rely on NLP and Intent recognition to understand user queries.


Get actionable insights from a large pool of opinions and feedback of customers for a particular product. Automate cumbersome product categorization tasks.


Extract essential information from unstructured data and organize in a way that information about a product, service or topic can be easily retrieved.


Provide a higher level of convenience for customers and efficiency for support agents. Gain valuable insights into customer preferences.


Detect and eliminate blindspots of unwanted activities across multiple languages. Create automatic written content for blogs, posts, marketing copy, etc.

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