How to use ChatGPT in my company

During the last few weeks you have surely seen how ChatGTP is capable of answering any question that we ask, it is even capable of generating texts. But is it useful for our business? Can you use it as an assistant for your clients or users?

The answer is “Yes, but…”.

Yes, but as long as you train it (fine-tuning) with your own data.

At M47 we have created a process so that you can integrate GPT3 (“text-davinci-003”) into your business as an assistant for your clients, users or employees.

We explain how to do it with an example:

At M47AI we have a documentation ( and we would like our clients to be able to consult ChatGPT on how to do certain tasks on our platform.

The problem
If we ask ChatGPT about our product we get answers like this:

Although the answer is perfectly worded, it has nothing to do with our business. It's Normal, ChatGPT has been trained with all the knowledge of the Internet.

We have trained (fine-tuned) GPT3 with a dataset with specific knowledge of our product.

For this we need a training dataset with data (knowledge) of our business, in our case with the information present in

The process of creating the dataset with training data consisted of creating sentences from the documentation of our platform and, in order to have a dataset with more data, we applied a Data Augmentation process in order to have a larger dataset.

Once training, we have a new model, which we could call GPT3-M47AI and which is capable of correctly answering questions related to our platform, for example:

Here we can see the fragment of the documentation that has the original information about the roles.

This is just one example of how we must adapt great AI models to be useful to your business.

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